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Best Web Designing Course in Pune

Web designing training in Pune – Best Web designing training Course in Pune Lotus IT Hub is the best web designing Training Institute in Pune with placement and certification. The institute has adopted a novel training style and is focused on creating environment for the students for Web designing coaching in Pune. We Continually Work towards Creating Opportunities for People and Introduce an Creative Dimension for web designing and development. There is a Need For Top Web Designing Expertise Just To Make Changes. Our unique approach to curriculum trains Website Designers capable of entering diverse sectors of industries.
Get Web Designing Training Course with 100% Job assistance from Lotus it hub If you are looking for top website designing training course in Pune. Learn the best web design techniques from classroom based web design course in karvenagar. We provide coaching for web designing in Pune. Best Lotus it hub is Pioneer for Website designing training narhe pune.
Lotus it hub Web Designing training Concepts are industrial interactive. Lotus it hub Website Designing training is rated one of the best in Pune providing Education in Web Design. Communication through Images and Graphics plays a central role in our civilization. Lotus it hub web Design department is rated one of the best in Pune by many independent organizations.
We have been working with many Magento Development Company. Our unique approach to curriculum trains Website Designers capable of entering diverse sectors of industries. web design If you are looking for top website designing training course in Pune. Learn the best web design techniques from classroom based web design course in Pune. We provide coaching for web designing in Pune. Practical web design training Excellent Infrastructure Live Project Training by Experts. to be relatively easy to learn and portable,top website designing training course in narhe Pune

Best Website Designing Classes In Pune

Pay Fees After Satisfaction With Interview Guidance  Web Designing Classes

Careers in web Technologies and Job Roles
How the Website works?
Client and Server scripting language
Difference between Web Designing and Web Development
Life Cycle of Web Designing and Development
Static websites and Dynamic websites
Front End work and Back End work
HTML Introduction,Editors,basic
HTML Elements,Attributes
HTML Headings,Paragraphs,Styles
HTML Formatting,Quotations,Comments
HTML Colors,CSS,Links
HTML Images,Tables,Lists
HTML Blocks,Classes,ID
HTML Iframe, JavaScript
HTML Forms HTML Form Elements
HTML Input Types
HTML Input Attributes
HTML5 Introduction
HTML5 Support
HTML5 New Elements
HTML5 Semantics
HTML5 Style Guide
HTML5 Graphics:- Canvas, SVG, Google Map
HTML5 Media:- Audio, Video, Plug-ins, YouTube
HTML5 Drag and Drop
CSS Introduction
CSS Syntax
HOW/Where we write CSS Code?
CSS Colors, Backgrounds, Borders
CSS Margins, Padding, Height, Width
CSS Fonts, Icons, Links, Lists
CSS Tables, Max-width, Position
CSS Inline-Block, Align
CSS Combinators, Opacity
CSS Tables, Max-width, Position
CSS Navigation Bar, Drop-Down
CSS Image Gallery, Image Sprites
CSS Forms, Counters, Website Layout
CSS3 Rounded Corners
CSS3 Border Images
CSS3 Backgrounds, Colors, Gradients
CSS3 Shadows, Text Effects, Web Fonts
CSS3 2D Transforms
CSS3 Transitions, Animations, ToolTips
CSS3 CSS3 Style Images, Object Fit
CSS3 Buttons, Pagination, Multiple Columns
CSS3 User Interface, Box sizing
CSS3 Flex Box, Media Queries
CSS3 Responsive Web Designing RWD Intro, Viewport, Grid View, Images, Videos
CSS3 Grid Grid Intro, Container, Item
Bootstrap Basic, Typography, Tables, Images
BootstrapJumbotron, Wells, Alerts
Bootstrap Buttons, Button Groups, Glyphicons
Bootstrap Badges/Labels
BootstrapProgressbar, Pegination, Pager
Bootstrap List Groups, Panels, DropDown
Bootstrap Collapse, Tabs/Pills
BootstrapNavbar, Forms, Inputs,Inputs2
Bootstrap Media Objects,Carousel
Bootstrap Modal, ToolTip, Popover
BootstrapScrollspy, Affix, Filters
Bootstrap Grids, Themes
JavaScript Statements, Syntax, Comments
JavaScript Variables, Operators, Arithmetic
JavaScript Assignments, Data Types, Functions
JavaScript Objects, Events, Strings
JavaScript Numbers, Arrays, Dates, date Format
JavaScript JSON
JavaScript Forms, Forms API
JavaScript Objects:- Definations, Properties, Methods
JavaScript Functions
JQUERY Intro, Get Started, Syntax, Selectors, Events
JQUERY Effects:- Hide/Show, Fade, Slide, Animate Stop, Callback, Chaining
JQUERY HTML:- Get, Set, Add, Remove, CSS Classes, Dimensions
JQUERY Traversing
JQUERY Ajax Intro, Load, Get, Post
JQUERYMisc:- noConflict(), Filters
Ajax Intro, XMLHttp
Ajax Request
Ajax Response
Ajax XML File
Ajax with PHP
Extended Regular Expressions
Ajax With Database
Pixels and Vector Images
User interface
Creating new workspace.
Opening existing workspace
Closing workspace
Exploring Toolbox
Working with Selection
Moving a selected area
Using Rectangular marquee tool, Elliptical marquee tool
Using the magic wand tool
Understanding Pixels & Resolution
Adjusting Images size
Photo Retouching
Spot healing brush tool
Patch and Healing brush tool
The Red eye tool
color Replacement tool
The Clone stamp & Pattern stamp tools
Numpy: Design Logo, Bannersand Business Cards etc…
Working With Templates
pick tool, Smudge Brush, Roughen Brush, Free Transform Tool
Interactive tool, Eyedropper tool, outline tool, Fill tool
Corel Draw Layout