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Android Programming Course in Pune

Android, an open source operating system for mobile devices (Smartphone and tablet), Android Training Classes in narheled by Google. The Android SDK provides a set of tools and APIs to develop Android applications, using Java. So, if you know Java, Android programming is easy,Android Online Courses.

Android Courses in narheAndroid Classes in narhe

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OOPS Prgramming
Inheritance in detail
Exception handling
Packages & interfaces
JVM & .jar file extension
Multi threading (Thread class & Runnable Interface)
DML & DDL Queries in brief)
What is Android?
Setting up development environment
Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
a. Basic Building blocks - Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
b. UI Components - Views & notifications
c. Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters
Android API levels (versions & version names) Launching emulator
Editing emulator settings
Emulator shortcuts
Logcat usage
Introduction to DDMS
Second App:- (switching between activities)
Develop an app for demonstrating the communication between Intents
Preferences from xml
Option menu
Context menu
Sub menu
menu from xml
Explicit Intents
Implicit intents
Time and Date
Images and media
AlertDialogs & Toast
Event driven Programming in Android (Text Edit, Button clicked etc.)
Creating a splash screen
Event driven Programming in Android
Android Activity Lifecycle
Creating threads for gaming requirement
Understanding the Exception handler
Multimedia audio formats - Creating and Playing
Multimedia audio formats - Kill / Releasing (Memory Management)
How to associate audio in any application
How to associate video playback with an event
SQLite Programming
Content providers
Defining and using content providers
Reading and updating Contacts
Web URLs, Email address, text, map address, phone numbers
MatchFilter & TransformFilter
Adapters:a. ArrayAdapters b. BaseAdapters
ListView and ListActivity
Custom listview
GridView using adapters
Gallery using adapters
Broadcast Receivers
Services and notifications
Custom Tabse
Custom animated popup panels
Other components
Threads running on UI thread (runOnUiThread)
Worker thread
Handlers & Runnable
AsynTask (in detail)
Chapter 20: Advanced
Live Folders
Using sdcards
JSON Parsing
Location Based Services and Google Maps
Using Location Based Services
Working with Google Maps
Accessing Phone services (Call, SMS, MMS)
Network connectivity services
Chapter 21: Publishing Android Applications
Preparing for Publishing
Digitally Signing Your Android Applications
Deploying APK Files
Using the adb exe Tool
Using a Web Server
Publishing on the Android Market
Creating a Developer Profle
Submitting Your Apps
Interview Preparation
Personal Interview
Group Discussion