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AWS Course in karvenagar Pune

Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform. AWS is a comprehensive cloud services platform that offers compute power, storage, content delivery, and other functionality that organizations can use to deploy applications and services cost-effectively—with flexibility, scalability, and reliability.AWS Courses in karvenagar,best aws courses in narhe

Pay Fees After Satisfaction With Interview Guidance AWS syllabus

Description of AWS
History and Evolution of AWS
Overview of AWS Products and Services
How to Design Cloud Services
Planning and Designing
Monitoring and Logging
Hybrid IT architectures
Practice Assignment: Designing Hybrid Storage
IAM Overview
IAM Policies
IAM Users
IAM Groups
IAM Roles
IAM best practices
Practice Assignment: Configuring IAM Access
Demos Included

Amazon VPC Overview
Amazon VPC
IP Addresses
Internet Gateway
Route Tables
Security Groups
Network ACL’s
VPC Best Practices
Practice Assignment: Designing a Custom VPC
Demos Included:
Amazon EC2 Overview
Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
EC2 Instance Types
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
EBS Snapshots
EC2 Instance Pricing
Placement Groups
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Auto Scaling
AWS Lambda
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Command Line Interface
EC2 Best Practices
AWS EC2 Costs
Practice Assignment: Configure ELB not started
Demos Included:
Amazon S3 Overview
S3 Buckets
Version Control
Amazon S3 Lifecycle Management
CloudFront and CDNs
Security and Encryption
Import/Export & Snowball
Amazon S3 Best Practices
Amazon S3 Costs
Practice Assignment: Create an Amazon S3 bucket
Amazon Route 53 Overview
Amazon Route 53 and DNS
Route 53 Routing Policies
Route 53 best practices
Route 53 costs and prices
Practice Assignment: Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone
Demo Included:
Databases Overview
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
AMI Databases
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon Redshift
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon Aurora
AWS Database Migration Services (DMS)
Databases best practices
Databases costs
Practice Assignment: Amazon RDS
Demos Included:
Simple Queue Service-SQS
Simple Workflow Service-SWF
Simple Notification Service-SNS
Elastic Transcoder
Application Services best practices
Application Services costs
Practice Assignment: Amazon SNS
Simple Notification Service-SNS
Demos Included
AWS shared responsibility model
AWS platform compliance
AWS security attributes
AWS CloudTrail
AWS CloudWatch
Trusted Advisor
Incorporating common conventional security products
AWS CloudFormation and Design patterns
Practice Assignment: AWS CloudWatch
Demos Included:
Overview of Disaster Recovery
Using AWS products for Disaster Recovery
Practice Assignment: Disaster Recovery
AWS Support
Typical AWS Problems
Overview of AWS Solutions Architect Exam
Study tips
Review Topics