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Jquery Programming Course

jQuery is a fast, small, Jquery Training Classes in narhe. and feature-rich JavaScript library.Jquery Online Classes in pune. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. Jquery Online Courses.

Jquery Classes in narhe. Jquery Courses in narhe.

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Simple Addition
Fun With Text
Combining Text and Numbers
Favorite Language, Again
What is a Variable?
Your Name
Numbers in Variables
Changing Variable Values
More on Assignment
What's Your Type?
Empty Cans, Empty Variables
Increment Operator
Adding Numbers, Again
Another Addition Operator
What Are Strings?
Combining Strings
Length of a String
Selecting Characters
Change to Upper Case
What is your Index?
Reversing a String
What's the Secret?
Simple Addition Function
Division Problem
Capitalize the First Letter
Capitalize Names
Square a Number
Sum of Squares
Area of Triangle
Just Came to Say Hello
Global Variables
Max of Two
Best of Three
Doesn't JS Rock?
Are you Chuck Norris?
Are you Chuck Norris?
Five Letter Palindrome
Nested If Else Statements
Global Variables
Add 'Em Up
Sum Odd Numbers
Auto Correct, Kind Of
Comparing Strings
Count to 100, Again
Word Count
Pushing Arrays
Every Other One
First and Last
Reverse Swapping
If and Only If
Delete Free Emails
Getting Started
Running Code
Syntax Basics
Conditional Code
Reserved Words
Testing Type
The this Keyword

How jQuery Works
Additional jQuery Support
Combining Text and Numbers
$ vs $()
$( document ).ready()
Avoiding Conflicts with Other Libraries
Selecting Elements
Working with Selections
Manipulating Elements
The jQuery Object
CSS, Styling, & Dimensions
Data Methods
Utility Methods
Iterating over jQuery and non-jQuery Objects
sing jQuerys .index() Function
Pushing Arrays
Every Other One
First and Last
Reverse Swapping
If and Only If
Delete Free Emails

Key Concepts
jQuerys Ajax-Related Methods
Ajax and Forms
Working with JSONP
Ajax Events
Finding & Evaluating Plugins
How to Create a Basic Plugin
Advanced Plugin Concepts
Writing Stateful Plugins with the jQuery UI Widget Factory
Append Outside of Loops
Cache Length During Loops
Detach Elements to Work with Them
Dont Act on Absent Elements
Optimize Selectors
Use Stylesheets for ChangingvCSS on Many Elements
Dont Treat jQuery as a Black Box

Code Organization Concepts
Beware Anonymous Functions
Keep Things DRY
Feature & Browser Detection
Getting Started with jQuery UI
How jQuery UI Works
Theming jQuery UI
Widget Factory
Theming jQuery UI